June 28, 2023

The Four Main Benefits of CDPAP for Senior Citizens

An Introduction to CDPAP

For senior citizens living with chronic illnesses and/or physical disabilities, full independence may not be viable. While this indicates the need for everyday assistance, that doesn’t mean it can’t be provided without personal comfort. 

CDPAP is the “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program” that enables senior citizens or their designees to pick and choose their everyday caregivers. You’ll have the freedom to maintain control over your long-term health choices, everyday routines, and your choice of caregiver. Let’s look into the four main benefits of finding care through CDPAP: 

The Four Main Benefits of CDPAP for Senior Citizens 

1. Care from Family, Close Friends, or Anyone of Your Choosing: The idea of outside help may be uncomfortable, but through CDPAP, you can maintain familiarity and hire close friends or family members for your daily care. This empowerment can have profound psychological and emotional effects, fostering a sense of self-worth, dignity, and control over your own life. Moreover, involving family members or friends as caregivers can strengthen existing bonds and provide a support system that enhances the overall caregiving experience. In this case, they’ll be paid through the program for their assistance without any required certification or formal education. 

2. Economic Benefits:

The CDPAP program also offers economic advantages for both individuals and caregivers. Through CDPAP, eligible individuals can hire their family members or close friends as paid caregivers, providing them with an opportunity to contribute to the care recipient’s well-being while earning an income. In this case, family members will be paid through the program for their assistance without any required certification or formal education. 

3. Consistency of Care: Another significant benefit of the CDPAP program is the potential for continuity and consistency of care. When being assisted with agency-provided health aid, it’s typical that your caregiver will be helping several other clients as well. Sometimes your aides will be changed. With CDPAP, you’ll be the sole recipient of your caregiver’s assistance. Continuity ensures that caregivers become familiar with your unique needs, preferences, and routines, leading to improved care outcomes and a higher quality of life.

4. Control Over Schedule and Routine: The CDPAP program fully enables you to follow a schedule of your choosing, allowing you to receive care and attention on your terms. If there are changes in your everyday routine, you’ll be able to freely make changes and adjust the amount of care you receive accordingly. 

In Conclusion

While the initial CDPAP setup process requires mandatory healthcare steps and paperwork, it’s a program that’s worth the effort for its long-term benefits to your health and happiness. If you’re a New York senior citizen or the loved one of a senior citizen who’s unable to maintain physical independence, you might be be eligible to apply for CDPAP assistance with Medicaid. 

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