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Challenges in social interaction, communication, and behavior are just some of the effects of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a developmental disease. Due to the wide range of symptoms associated with autism, some individuals may require more assistance than others on a daily basis. Going to the emergency department, for example, maybe too stressful or challenging for some individuals with autism, prompting them or their caretakers to look for alternatives. Senior home care agency manhattan is ideal for autistic patients.

Signs of Autism

People with autism spectrum disorders or autism often have difficulties in social interaction, emotional regulation, communication, or behavior. Caring for someone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) means understanding that they may not experience the world in the same way that you do. To accommodate for these variations in communication and care, it may be necessary to:

1. Problems adjusting to new habits or settings Difficulty expressing themselves through standard speech or body language
2. Having trouble making or keeping eye contact
3. Abnormal responses or aversions to several forms of stimulation, including but not limited to: problems connecting with, caring about, and conversing with others
4. Confusion about questions or instructions
5. Problems expressing one’s requirements
6. Avoidance of physical contact Habits of confinement
7. Verbal reiteration
8. Inability to empathize with oneself or others
9. Being very literal-minded Obsessive obsession with one’s own interests and behaviors.

How Home Health Care Can Help

If you are confused about hiring senior home care agency manhattan here are some good reasons for you.

Social Anxiety

A person with autism may not have trouble adapting to new routines, yet they may still feel anxious at a busy medical facility. Up to 42 percent of persons with autism suffer from anxiety, most commonly social anxiety, which can be triggered by situations such as visits to the doctor’s office.

Daily Activities and Hygiene

Help with household chores and meal preparation are other common autism care services offered by senior home care agency manhattan.
In some cases, a family member may need assistance with personal hygiene tasks like showering, using the restroom, or getting dressed. In-home autism services can help your family member with any chore, errand, or activity.

Seizures and Epilepsy

Some estimates have the percentage of people with autism who also have a seizure disorder or epilepsy at as high as a third. Mild seizure symptoms, such as involuntary muscle stiffening or jerking, loss of consciousness, confusion, and odd thoughts or feelings, make it difficult to get the patient to a hospital or urgent care center, making services of senior home care agency manhattan the preferred option. If a seizure lasts more than five minutes or the person is still unconscious after it stops, however, you should dial 911 immediately.


No man is an island; adults on the autism spectrum may attest to this truth more than most. Hiring a senior home care agency manhattan for your loved one is a great way to be there for them. Through shared experiences, such as exercise or deep conversation, they can connect on a deeper level and grow closer.

To take care of your autistic elderly adults, home health care can help you in many other ways as well. Contact a reputable agency and make sure your investment becomes worthwhile.

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