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What is a CDPAP, and who can qualify?

CDPAP, or the “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program,” is a New York statewide Medicaid-sponsored program. Under this program, the consumers can hire their family members or friends as their personal assistants who will get PAID to provide care.

This win-win program recognizes the crucial role caregivers play and empowers individuals to shape their own care experience. CDPAP consumers can recruit as many assistants as they need (but at least two) to accommodate their lifestyle, individual needs, and authorized hours.

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What our clients say
I am the daughter of patient Luis Marquez and I am very pleased with the service provided by the agency. Both the coordinator Anastacia, the nurse Jacqueline, the assistant Maria Jiménez are very nice and are always aware of the patient's health. As part of the agency, because I am my dad's CDPAP caregiver on weekends, I feel very comfortable being part of All Homecare Agency. Excellent service.
Yudith M.
My mother receives services with All Heart and I am her caregiver. The process seemed overwhelming since we decided to change insurances but both Intake and HR made the process very easy and smooth. I registered quickly and Intake kept me informed every step of the way of what was happening. Would recommend to anyone looking for services for their family.
Elizabeth M.
All Heart Homecare agency has been amazing at providing homecare for my grandmother GN in Brooklyn. They have provided and continue to provide great care. As my grandmother aged the agency was always there for us. Their aides are loving and caring. If my grandmother was ever admitted to the hospital due to an illness, All Heart homecare agency staff was always available to answer any questions we may have after the hospital stay. We highly recommend All Heart healthcare agency!
Biana R.
All Heart Homecare's staff was compassionate, competent and worked with me and mom to arrange a plan that met everyone's needs. The All Heart staff has become like extended family and my mom truly looks forward to their visits.
Elizabeth R.
Frequently Asked Questions

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will gladly assist and guide you through the application for and receipt of Home Care Services. We will help you to apply for the CDPAP program on your current Medicaid managed long term care (MLTC) insurance plan. And if you have straight Medicaid or are on a regular managed care plan, we will help you to choose the best MLTC for you. And if you’re not already on Medicaid, our team will help you determine if you are eligible for Medicaid and, if you are, will assist you with the Medicaid application process.

A caregiver can be anyone you trust to provide the care you need. They can be a family member or a friend, who are 18 years of age or older and are able to legally work in the United States. To apply, the caregiver needs to undergo a physical examination within the last year, rubella and rubeola, two PPD tests within the last year, and a recent drug screening. If the caregiver has any difficulties providing us with any of the above-mentioned medical exams, we will assist in obtaining the necessary documents. You need to have a 2nd Personal Assistant in case the primary PA needs a day off or gets sick and needs a replacement.

Yes, however, there are two restrictions to this. The caregiver cannot be your spouse and they cannot be the parent of a child under 21.

This is highly individualized. A Representative from your insurance company will determine how many hours of home care service you are eligible for based on your needs.

Do you want to take care of your elderly loved one and get paid for it?

Then CDPAP is your best choice! All Heart Homecare will make the process of enrollment smooth and easy and will offer a package of exceptional benefits!

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