December 16, 2022

How Do I Get Approved for Home Health Care?

When applying for home care services for the first time, patients and their families have many options and possibilities to consider:

  • level of home care the patient requires
  • types of services available to the patient
  • who will be the caregiver
  • if other additional services are needed and more

Managed Long Term Care

The most common home care services are provided through Managed Long Term Care.

Managed long-term care (MLTC) is a system that streamlines the delivery of long-term services to people who are chronically ill or disabled and who wish to stay in their homes and communities. These services, such as home care or adult day care, are provided through managed long-term care plans that are approved by the New York State Department of Health (DOH). The entire array of services to which an enrolled member is entitled can be received through the MLTC plan the member has chosen.


When a patient is enrolling in long-term home care services for the first time, the process may seem confusing and difficult. As there are several steps, depending on the patient’s pre-screened eligibility, that he has to take in order to be approved for long-term home care. It always helps to have a family member or a friend to assist with the enrollment. Especially if the patient’s health is declining and they’re unable to be fully involved in the process of enrollment. 

If the patient is considering having their family or friend as a Personal Assistant (PA) through CDPAP, it is also important to be aware of the different DOH requirements for the program. Such as presenting a backup Personal Assistant to the chosen home care agency to make sure the patient always has someone to provide home care. 

What changed?

This year, there have been a few changes that are still ongoing, related to the process of enrollment in long-term home care with MLTC. Instead of one assessment by the Medicaid nurse that determines whether the patient is eligible for MLTC, now there are two assessments. Also, there were updates related to forms required during enrollment for different programs, such as PCA or CDPAP.

Because of all choices and options to consider, we recommend starting the enrollment process by choosing the right home care agency. 

At All Heart Homecare, we are there for our patients throughout the entire process to ensure they get what THEY need. Our enrolment specialists have many years of experience helping thousands of patients find the best care.

So if you have thought about applying for long-term home care, but it always seemed too stressful – we are here to make it as easy and smooth as possible for you!

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