November 2, 2022

Can a family member get paid to be a caregiver in New York

Around 48 million Americans provide care to a friend or adult family member without being paid to do so. The average amount of unpaid care these individuals deliver amounts to 24 hours each week. For that reason, you may qualify for the CDPAP program without realizing it.

How to Get Paid and Benefits of the Program

Many seniors in the U.S. want to age in the homes that they’ve lived in for years as opposed to moving to assisted-living facilities. In this situation, family members or home care agencies offer an effective solution.

The most affordable method of receiving in-home care is to obtain this care from close friends or relatives. Millions of adults have become primary caregivers for elderly individuals. The person who provides this care usually spends around 20% of their annual income on caring for the elderly individual in question.

The New York government aims to resolve this issue with the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). This program provides elderly individuals with the ability to select and hire their friends, relatives, or neighbors as paid caregivers, which is a solution that benefits both parties.

Seniors who use the CDPAP program will remain comfortable in their home while receiving excellent care from the family members or friends who are closest to them. Some of the additional benefits that family members can gain access to include:

  • Qualification is relatively straightforward
  • CDPAP is free for service recipients
  • No caregiver certificate or license is needed
  • Adult children can provide care to their parents with CDPAP
  • More freedom in services hours 
  • Caregivers are getting paid, getting benefits as HHAs
  • Assistance with enrollment and all related paperwork

Check Eligibility

When you start looking into the CDPAP program, you should determine if you’re eligible. A senior citizen is likely eligible for benefits from the CDPAP program if:

  • They are currently eligible for Medicaid 
  • They need assistance with their daily living activities
  • Have at least 2 trusted Personal Assistants, that able to register with the agency

Why Choose Our Agency?

All Heart Homecare Agency is dedicated towards providing residents of New York with exemplary care at all times. Our CDPAP agency in NYC began with a focus of helping patients lead comfortable and dignified lives in their own homes.

All of our employees have the skills and experience needed to meet your in-home care needs. Some of our home care services in NYC include private pay home care, home health care, disability home care, and nursing home division/diversion.

If you believe that you qualify for CDPAP, we can assist you with the enrollment process. The application process for this program is somewhat lengthy and complicated. Because of the amount of documentation that must be submitted, a considerable amount of administration is required to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

There’s no need to worry, however. Our program providers will be with you throughout every stage of the qualification and enrollment process to make sure that your documents are correctly filled out and fully processed without issue.

To learn more or check eligibility, call us at (718) 285-0096.

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